Sunday, February 1, 2009


I left organized religion years ago mostly because of all of the finger pointing and the holier than thou priest and preachers who would gladly take your money and condemn you to hell. Most would make you feel bad about not having the money to spare telling you that Jesus needs your money. Jesus doesn't need money but he does expect us all to be the best person that we can be.

I also fought my inner demons because of my sexuality before I came to believe that God had a higher purpose for myself and the millions of other gay and lesbian people. The simplest reason I could come up with was that we were put here to test the Christian community of learning to love one another and not kill those who are different from us. Most of the gay and lesbians that I know are also Christians, I know that must come as a shock to many people.

To me, the worst kind of Christians were and are the evangelicals who would rob or shame the poorest of their life savings so that they could lead grand lives. That was until I saw Ted Haggard on Oprah and then again on HBO and now I believe that he is the most Christ like of any holy man alive. I also believe that his church officials and his congregation are the the worst examples of Christians I have ever witnessed. You don't go to an AA or NA meeting to listen to someone who knows nothing about the problems of addiction, the person you need to hear from is the person who woke up in the gutter hurting and penniless, someone who had been down that road and recovered and can help you lead a better life. I hear all the time that homosexuality is wrong because sex is for procreation. Really? So none of you use birth control or have sex even when the doctor tells you that you are barren or two old to conceive? How about sex during a pregnancy?

The countless millions/billions of dollars being spent every year to condemn or kill homosexuals every year could feed the world, build housing for less fortunate people and solve REAL problems in the world. If God wants to judge us and put us to death that is up to HIM and HIM alone. And if Ted Haggard were to start preaching close to where I live I would be there every Sunday. I do hope that you have taken the time to read this and that you will comment here or pass this blog on to others and share it.

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