Friday, December 4, 2009


December1st each year is WORLD AIDS DAY, a time to remember all of those who have perished because of this disease and to celebrate those living with it today. Around the world the day was marked and remembered as it was here in St. Petersburg, Florida. A good friend and artist who works in metal artistry, Mark Hester, created bronze plates with inscriptions of those of us living with HIV/AIDS in our own handwriting and they were displayed locally at The Flamingo Resort. People were invited to not only read but also run their fingers over the words that were transformed into art as a living memorial. It was a sobering experience for me and others and our minds were reminded of the great quilt that started with one square in remembrance of one who had passed. The names of those who wrote their feelings are not reveled to anyone other they themselves and the artist but I and others witnessed first hand the solitude of those who read and/or felt the words. But the best thing that could come out of this World AIDS Day and others would be for a cure to be found or at least kinder and gentler medications that right now are causing as much pain as the disease it self. Your comments are welcome.

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