Friday, June 12, 2009


No, not that. Everybody has someone in the film; music; television or other art industry that they relate to on one level or another and feel like that person would be a wonderful person to know and be friends with. My latest is Pauley Perrette who plays Abby on NCIS. I think that she is a hoot and would love to tell her so but someone started stalking her on line and she pulled her personal blog. I'm a fat, old gay man and don't think of her in that way. (However, I do drool over the men on that show, whew!) But I do like to research actors and such, mostly on Wikipedia because I feel safe on that site, and found out that she also supports Gay and Lesbian marriage, now I know we could be friends. But that assumes that she would like me as a friend and has all kind of time to write or call and catch up on things, duh. She is a great actress in my eyes and makes me laugh with some of her antics but we live in different worlds so I just hope someone reads this and tells her for me. I'm a writer but that doesn't mean that she would like or even appreciate some of my tales or short stories, but then again, how could she not? LOL

So, who would you like to write to or talk to? I dream about being able to meet the cast of The Guiding Light I have been watching them for so long I feel like they are family to me.

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